Breathe2Think (B2T) Program

In alignment with Baltimore City Public Schools’ (BCPS) inclusion of wholeness in their approved 2021–22 budget, and the recognition of the need for spiritual and mental health support as teachers and students return to in-person learning, the Sherman Center launches its latest program initiative Breathe2Think (B2T) in partnership with the Sherman STEM Teacher Scholars Program. B2T aims to holistically support prekindergarten (PreK) to 2nd-grade BCPS students’ learning by promoting mindfulness through meditation experiences. In addition, the program will encourage participating Early Childhood Education (ECE) Sherman STEM Teacher Scholars and  ECE Program students to exercise self-care by cultivating a daily meditation practice. Through this program, BCPS children and UMBC preservice teachers will be spiritually nurtured as they develop mindfulness to be better prepared for learning. To participate in B2T contact Dr. Jennifer Mata-McMahon at by week 6 of the semester.

This program was paused for the AY 2022-2023.





Ashley Delgado Penaranda, Final Mindfulness Project

Mindfulness Project Presentation

Julie Gilbert, Final Mindfulness Project

B2T Scholars and Dr. Mata-McMahon