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Teacher Summer Institute

Recognizing teachers’ importance for students’ learning, the Sherman Center offers an annual Teacher Summer Institute to provide early childhood educators with information, resources, and collaborative planning time to enhance their professional practice. Sherman Center staff, campus advisory committee members, and partner-teachers work together to plan this annual professional development opportunity and follow-up activities.


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Pamela Brillante – Supporting Young Children with Disabilities in the Classroom

Professional Development Facilitators: Kristina Robertson and Amy Faust Fraser – Planning for Language-based Lessons with English Learners in Mind


Keynote Speaker: Derrick Barnes – (Author of The King of Kindergarten and Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut) The Relevance of Diverse Books for Early Learners

Professional Development Facilitator: Dr. Jennifer Mata-McMahon – Translanguaging in the Early Childhood Classroom

2020 (Virtual)

Keynote Speaker: Sandra Evers-Manly  – (Author of Raised up by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s) Promoting Young Children’s Socioemotional Development through Diverse Books

Professional Development Facilitator: Dr. Patricia Jennings – Trauma Sensitive Classrooms and Children’s Socioemotional Development

2020 Virtual TSI attendees receive instructional materials for students and their classrooms
Our partner teachers at Maree G. Farring prepare bags for their students















2020 Virtual TSI Curtis Bay teacher distributes Sherman Center funded school supplies to families
A Curtis Bay student shows off her new school supplies