Research Publications

Nash, K. T., Michael, J., Mata-McMahon, J., Lee, J., & Ackerman, K. (2022). Singing the Same Song: Engaging Families in Read Two Impress Plus. The Reading Teacher, 76(1), pp. 34-41. DOI:10.1002/trtr.2114

Galindo, C. L, Sonnenschein, S, and Sanders, M. G. (2021). A Case Study of a School-University Partnership Focused on Literacy and Educational Equity: Responding to COVID-19 in the Early Grades. School-University Partnerships, 14(3), pp. 17-42.

Research Report 3. Lakeland Dual Language Program Study by Dr. Jennifer Mata-McMahon, Sabrina Williams, Adebola Daramola, Dr. Lance Kruse, and Shahin Hossain

Research Report 2. Read Two Impress Plus by Dr. Kindel Nash and Joshua Michael with contributions from Dr. Jennifer Mata-McMahon, Dr. Jiyoon Lee, and Kris’tina Ackerman

Research Report 1. Lakeland Dual Language Program Study by Dr. Jennifer Mata-McMahon, Laurel Burggraf-Bassett, Ana Gabriela Salas, and Joshua Michael